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Automation in the Medical Device / Pharma Industry
Automatic assembly, handling and robotic automation solutions, clean room construction

Within the medical and pharmaceutical industry the need to add automation can be vital to achieve the correct levels of quality, cleanliness or throughput. Another concern is in ensuring a fully validated process, manual labour can easily bypass a validated process (whether by accident or intentionally), an automated process will provide a greater level of adherance to your processes and procedures. TQC Medical design and manufacture bespoke solutions, integrating proven technology wherever possible, to meet each specific requirement set by the customer. When choosing automation, the product type or equipment style can normally help to decide the way forward.


  • Fully Automatic assembly
  • Semi automatic or assisted solutions
  • Handling and robotics
  • Conveyor and platen transfer systems
  • Design and manufacture
  • Validated production lines
  • GAMP 4 experience

Assembly - Testing - Automation - Robotics - Consultancy - Design - Production - Development - Installation - Validation - GAMP 4 - 21 CFR Pt 11