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Leak Test
Generic Systems

Pressure / Vacuum Systems

The thest piece and the reference volume are simultaneously pressurised (or evacuated) to a preset pressure. The air in the system is then allowed to stabilise, with the supply valves all closed. The Differential Pressure Transducer is automatically zeroed.

After this stabilisation time, the pressure change in the test piece is compared to the pressure change in the reference volume, using the Transducer. If the test piece is leaking, the difference will increase and be measured, an alarm limit may be set for a pass/fail decision.

The sequence is fully automatic, the accuracy and sensitivity of the system is defined by the method of setting the preset pressure together with the quality and type of control valves and Differential Pressure Transducer.

Helium Systems

A vacuum pump evacuates the test chamber and test piece simultaneously to a preset vacuum. At this preset level, the chamber and the test piece are isolated and the chamber evacuated further to a very low pressure. A positive pressure variation is therefore created between the test piece and the chamber.

Helium gas is then introduced into the test piece, often in a 10% concentration. A Mass Spectrometer analyses a sample from the chamber as the vacuum continues to be drawn. The Mass Spectrometer measures the helium leakage and sets the pass/fail decision.

The test piece pressure is often compared to the chamber pressure before dosing with helium, to avoid saturating the Mass Spectrometer in the event of a gross leak




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